Gantry 5 Particle

  This is James.  He likes Star Trek.

  Born overseas, James P Coree has been an avid fan of all things Trek since age 2.  His mother encouraged this obsession until... well.. it still continues.   

  In high school, James decided his own ship, using imagination and the blueprints to the Enterprise-D... and yes, he got an A.  It was the first incarnation of the USS MOORE NCC 17015.

  Joining up in late 2011, James was about to make his fantasty into reality.  Since that moment, he's been on a steady rise through the rank to his current position as Brigadier General of Starfleet Command's Fleet Marines.

  He was married in 2019 to a Non-nerdy wife.  (She'll learn ;) )

  Favorite Series: Deep Space Nine (DS9)

  Favorite Ship Design: Defiant and Steamrunner